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Easy Tips to Move More at Work

Do you know how much time you sit in a day?

You sit to eat breakfast, then in the car and then most of the day at your work desk (including sitting at your favourite spot for lunch, in a meeting or attending training). And then you sit some more on the train or back in the car, sit again to eat dinner and then in front of the TV until you get sleepy and ready for bed.

The hours you sit all add up to tremendous health risks.

The average Australian office worker spends from 33-40hrs a week mostly sitting at an average of 6.3hrs per day. Growing body of evidence displays that high levels of sedentary behaviour and sitting, in particular, are emerging risk factors for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. The World Health Organisation even listed inactivity as the fourth biggest risk factor for global adult mortality.

So, get rid of the inactivity and try our simple tips to move more. Being healthy is not that hard after all.

1. Do stretch breaks. When at your desk, create a regular arm, leg and back stretch intervals say every 30mins or every hour. Break that comfortable position with this instant refresher and you’ll feel more relaxed.

Cl stretch

2. Get on your feet. Be it for a coffee or tea break, a water break or the most needed toilet break – move away from your chair and walk it. Be Upstanding! The Australian government advocates it. 

CL upstanding web

3. Stand-up meetings. Promote stand-up meeting at work. Meetings are a good opportunity to ensure that everybody gets some stand-up time. The brain is naturally more active when you stand up. 

CL standup web

4. Adjustable Desks. An adjustable desk is less of an investment than a treadmill. If the budget won’t allow be creative and build your own sit-stand desk.

diy stand up desk

5. Take the stairs. Step up or down – at every opportunity. New research reveals that climbing stairs can not only help you stay physically fit but also improve brain health.

CL take the stairs

6. Fidget around.Tap your feet, cross and uncross them, tilt your body to one side and then the other-just move! 

CL fidget around

7. Pace. Walk or march in place while you’re on the phone. Or walk to visit a co-worker instead of sending an email or calling. 

walk in office

Corporate Living supports Active Working. Explore our Active Working range to help you stand up, sit less and move more in the office. 

Should you need further assistance, email, call or chat with one of our friendly Furniture Representatives.











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